Condo Purchase: On hold, indefinitely?

Yes, Plant 51, you were cool and all.. too much financial stress though. Would have probably drowned in debt.

Next steps: Saving, house purchase w/ roommates? Mortgage would practically be sliced in half..

In other news, I keep stumbling on surprisingly depressing sad non-comedymovies! 

Its Kind Of A Funny Story - I suppose I knew it wasn’t a happy movie..

Moneyball - Fantastic movie, but you know.. not all laughs and whatnot.

Midnight in Paris - I really enjoyed this, but again, it hit me with dark undertones.. if that makes sense.

Up in the Air - Holy, what the balls?! Where did this isolationism sadass shit come from?! Outta’ left field, that’s where!

I’m about to watch Garden State for the first time.. will this be the last shove into movie depression?!